1. The term “Agent-Organized Tours” shall apply to all travel services supplied jointly and severally to the customer by JHN Travel Ltd.


  2. Contract for Agent-Organized Tours


    1. This contract applies to all travel services, tours and packages provided by JHN Travel Ltd.
    2. Details of company organizing tours and packages:
      JHN Travel Limited (hereinafter referred to as “JHN”)
      Address: Hokujo 2587-1 , Hakuba Mura, Kita Azumi Gun,
      Japan License Number Nagano 2-476
    3. Bonded Full Member of the All Nippon Travel Agents Association.
    4. JHN shall provide travel arrangements and itinerary management for the customer
  3. Application for Agent Organized Tours


    1. Where availability information is displayed on this website
      1. A customer can apply in real time. The customer can then secure the services by payment of applicable charge.
    2. Where availability is not displayed on the website (Service is “on request”).
      1. A customer submits an application for service. An application, can be an email, fax, phone call or web form.
      2. If the service is secured as per the customer’s request, the fee is charged to the customer’s credit card.
      3. If the service is not secured the customer is sent an email informing them of this and no charge is made to the credit card.
    3. Upon payment of charge the contract shall be deemed to come into effect and all conditions of this contract shall be deemed to be understood by the customer.
    4. For services other than accommodation, this contract shall be deemed to come into effect on the receipt by JHN of payment of relevant fees from the customer.
    5. Where the customer is more than one person, the contract is deemed to be completed with the representative of the customer group.
    6. In the event of cancellation of reservation, the charges and fares will be refunded to the customer less the cancellation fees listed below, and in cases where the refund is made by bank transfer, all bank fees will be deducted from the refund.
  4. Payment


    1. In general, payments are to be made by credit card. For those unable to pay by Visa, MasterCard or American Express, please contact JHN for a quote.
    2. All payments are made in Japanese Yen.
    3. JHN accepts no responsibility for changes in foreign exchange rates due to delays in processing transactions by VISA or MasterCard.
  5. Special Conditions


    1. All customers under 18 years of age must be accompanied by a parent or guardian.
    2. Customers with special needs shall inform JHN of these needs when making an application. JHN will attempt to comply with these requests when feasible and reasonable.
    3. JHN may refuse customer participation in the event JHN deems the guest is likely to interfere with the smooth operation of tours.
    4. JHN reserves the right to refuse service to intoxicated people.
    5. If the behavior of the customer interferes with the smooth operation of tours, JHN reserves the right to immediately remove the customer from the tour. In such cases no refund will be provided.
    6. If in the course of the package, the customer needs medical attention, or other assistance, all costs incurred are to be met by the customer.
  6. Included in the package / tour fare


    1. Transport services as outlined in the tour itinerary.
      Baggage to be limited to 1 item plus 1 small carry on item.
    2. Other services as outlined in the itinerary.
    3. In the event the customer decides not to use part of the services provided, the customer shall not receive any refund for unused services.
    4. All taxes and service charges are included
  7. Not included in the package tour fare


    1. Excess baggage charges.
    2. Medical expenditures for injury or illness.
  8. Cancellation of package tour by JHN due to extraordinary circumstances.


    1. JHN may cancel the package tour at any time when the following circumstances prevent the smooth operation of a tour:
      1. Natural Disasters
      2. Civil unrest or War
      3. Weather conditions
      4. Government orders
      5. Other circumstances beyond JHN’s control.
    2. In the event of such a cancellation before commencement, JHN shall refund to the customer all fares paid by the customer to JHN.
    3. In the event a tour is cancelled after the commencement of the tour, then no refund can be made and the customer must claim any expenses on Travel Insurance.
    4. In the event of significant delays, JHN may offer the customer an alternative means of transport, but any fares or other payments are the responsibility of the customer.
  9. Cancellation of or changes to the tour package by customer


    1. Cancellation by customer is deemed to occur when the customer submits a request to JHN to cancel the whole tour package or part of the tour package.
    2. Change by customer is deemed to when the customer submits a request to JHN to add an item to the tour package, or to change an existing portion in a manner that does not decrease the fee of the said portion.
    3. The customer shall be able to cancel the contract by paying JHN the following cancellation fees.
    4. Cancellation fees
      1. 46 days or more before date of travel: 10% of total fare
      2. 21 – 45 days before date of travel: 20% of total fare
      3. 8 – 20 days before date of travel: 50% of total fare
      4. 7 days or less before date of travel: 100% of total fare
  10. The customer shall be able to change at by paying JHN the following change fees


    1. Changes 8 days o