Frequently Asked Questions


How can I check availability?

Our booking engine has real time availability information. Click Reservations on the menu above.

How can I make a Reservation?

All reservations are made online through our secure server.
After making the reservation, payment must be made within 60 minutes

Can I book a roundtrip booking?

At this stage we only process one way reservations. To book a round trip reservation please make 2 reservations.

How do I pay the fare?

Once the reservation is completed you will receive an email with payment details.

Payment must be made within 60 minutes of booking or you risk losing your reservation.

Can I book, and then pay when I board the bus?

No. All payment is required in advance.

Can I travel without making a reservation?

If there are seats available, you may purchase a seat just prior to boarding the bus. Cash Only!

Can I go on the waiting list when the bus is full?

We are sorry but there is no waiting list.

I have not received a confirmation e-mail. What should I do?

Please check your spam folder. If you cannot find the email, then please contact us via the “contact us” button at the bottom of this page and give us your dates and we will locate the reservation for you.

I’ve tried multiple times to pay but my card keeps getting rejected. What shall I do?

We are sorry for the inconvenience caused. Please let us know the error massage (you can simply print screen the error)

Please let us know the following information so that we can lock the seats for you.

  1. Route
  2. Travel date
  3. Departure time
  4. No of seats needed

Check In & Boarding

What is the check in procedure?

Please check in at our counter located in Terminal 3 at Haneda Airport, or Terminal 2 at Narita Airport.

Please check in at Hakuba Base Camp

Nozawa Onsen:
Please check in with driver at Chuo Terminal

Shiga Kogen:
Please check in with driver at bus stop

Madarao Kogen:
Please check in with driver at Hotel Tangram or Madarao Kogen Hotel

Myoko Kogen:
Please check in with driver at Akakura Bus Stop

Lotte Arai Resort:
Please check in with driver at hotel entrance

I am unable to print out the confirmation. Is it OK to show it on my smartphone?

As long as you have a copy on your smartphone or tablet, then you will be able to board to bus.

What is the latest time I can check in?

We aim to have all buses depart on time.

Please be at the bus stop at least 15 minutes before departure

I am at the bus stop and I need help, what should I do?

Please call us at 0261-75-5360 for assistance. Our office hour is 07:00 – 19:00 during the season.

I’m boarding the bus in Shiga Kogen. Where do I get the bus?

As there are many bus stops in Shiga Kogen, our staff will manually update your reservation with the closest bus stop.

For details on bus stops please visit this page

Extra Services

Why do you offer Hot Spring Tickets?

Our service operates as a “tour” in the eyes of the Japanese government. To comply with the regulations for “tours” we have to add another component to the transfer.

This is merely a formality and you do not need to use the coupon if you do not wish to.

If you do wish to use the service, you need to apply via the Reservation confirmation panel.


Connection Times

How much time do I need to connect to the Nagano Snow Shuttle?

Flight Arrivals at Narita Airport
Please allow a minimum of 60 minutes if arriving at terminal 2, or 85 minutes if arriving at terminal 1 or 3.

Flight Arrivals at Haneda Airport
Please allow a minimum of 60 minutes if arriving at the Terminal 3, or 75 minutes if arriving at terminal 1 or 2.

Train Arrivals at JR Nagano Station
Please allow a minimum of 20 minutes.

International Flight Departures (all airports)
Please allow 150 minutes between bus arrival and flight departure.

Domestic Flight Departures
Please allow 75 minutes between bus arrival and flight departure.

Train Departure from JR Nagano Station
Please allow 20 minutes between bus arrival and train departure for passengers who do not need to purchase train tickets.
*Please note that connection times are for reference only. If purchasing train tickets on site then more time may be required.


How much luggage may I take on the bus?

Luggage allowance is 2 pieces of checked baggage per person, and 1 small carry on item to be put on your laps, under your seat or the overhead compartment (H15cm x W17cm). Excess luggage will be carried on a space available basis with extra charges.


I have a baby that does not require a seat. How much do you charge for infants?

An Infant is any passenger age 0-4 who does not occupy a seat. Passengers who are 5year and older and above need a seat.

Please note that there must be at least 1 adult per infant.

Can I request a car seat for my infant?

We are sorry but we do not supply car seats for infants.

Changing Reservations

I want to change my reservation. Can I do this?

Change refers to alteration of reservation that does not decrease the value of said reservation. If the alteration decreases the value of a reservation (eg. decrease number of passenger travel), then the cancellation fees listed at Cancellation will be applied to the difference in fare.

Subject to seat availability, you can change your booking as often as you like within the same operational season.

To change your booking, fill log in and view your reservation details. There is a link to a change / cancellation form at the bottom of the page.

I booked through a travel agent. Can I change my booking directly with you?

If it is more than 7 days in advance, please change your reservation via your travel agent. If it is less than 7 days but more than 3 days then please contact us directly. Note that a change fee of 2,000yen per seat will be charged for all changes made less than 7 days in advance.

Please let us know the following information for the change.

  • Your reservation number
  • New travel date and preferred departure time

Bookings cannot be changed 3 days before departure.

What are the change fees?

Change fee is as follows:

  • Change 8 days or more before travel – free of charge
  • Change 4 – 7 days before travel – 2,000yen per seat
  • Change 3 days or less before travel – Not able to change
  • Please note that there is no refund on fare difference.
  • And if the booking is cancelled, then the date of the original booking is used to calculate the cancellation fee.
  • Note that cancellations received after 23:59 Japan Standard Time are deemed to be received the following day.

Cancelling Reservations

What are the Cancellation Fees?

Cancellation fees for basic package (Shuttle Reservation only)
46 days or more before date of travel: 10% of total fare
21 – 45 days before date of travel: 20% of total fare
8 – 20 days before date of travel: 50% of total fare
7 days or less before date of travel: 100% of total fare

Cancellation fees for other packages (Lift Pass Package, Airport Accommodation Package, Private Charter Reservations etc)
Cancellation more than 45 days before check in/travel: Loss of deposit (25% of total)
Cancellation 45 days or less before check in/travel: 100% (no refund)
Note that cancellations received after 16:00 Japan Standard Time are deemed to be received the following day.


How can I cancel my booking?

Log in and check your reservations.

There is a button at the bottom of the details section that you can use to cancel the reservation.

I have cancelled my reservation. How long will it take to receive a refund?

It takes approximately 5-10 business days, depending upon your bank, before you will see the refund

Flight Delays

My flight was delayed. Will you wait for me?

While we make all effort to wait for delayed flights in many cases it is not possible.

We only have our slots at the airport for limited times.

We also factor in the consideration of the other people on the bus and any inconvenience it will cause them if the bus departure is delayed.

All decisions on waiting for delayed flights are solely at the discretion of JHN travel.

My flight was delayed and I missed my bus. What can I do?

You have 2 options:

  1. You can travel on the next available bus on a standby basis free of charge. If you choose this option you risk not getting a seat if the bus fills up.
  2. You can purchase a new seat and we will give you a letter for your insurance claim. We strongly suggest you to buy a travel insurance with sufficient protection.

Note. Fare paying passengers have priority over standby passengers. The only way to 100% guarantee a seat is to purchase one.

My flight was delayed and I missed my bus. Can I get a refund?

We are sorry but we do not refund fares for reasons outside of our control. If your flight is delayed and you miss your bus, please seek compensation from the airline that caused the delay or claim on your travel insurance. We will provide documentation on request.

Lost Property

I left something on the bus. How can I see if it has been found?

All vehicles are checked thoroughly at the end of each shift. If you have loss something please write to us with your booking number, details for the lost item (eg iphone 13 with a red case / Columbia male jacket colour black size M etc), possible location that you might leave it. We will contact you.