Nagano Snow Shuttle Current Time in Japan
10/23/2014 8:53:04 AM

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Welcome to the Nagano Snow Shuttle Website.

Operational Dates 2014-15 18-Dec 2014 until 08-Mar 2015
Reservations Open 01-Jun 2014
Routes New for 2014-15: Twice Daily between Narita Airport and Nagano Ski Resorts
Narita Airport to/from Hakuba
Narita Airport to/from Nozawa Onsen
Narita Airport to/from Shiga Kogen
Narita Airport to/from Myoko Kogen

Hakuba to / from Nozawa Onsen
Hakuba to / from Shiga Kogen
Hakuba to / from Myoko Kogen
Nozawa Onsen to / from Shiga Kogen
Nozawa Onsen to / from Myoko Kogen
Shiga Kogen to / from Myoko Kogen
Timetables / Fares
Hakuba  - Narita Airport
Nozawa Onsen - Narita Airport
Shiga Kogen - Narita Airport
Myoko Kogen - Narita Airport
Hakuba - Nozawa Onsen
Hakuba - Shiga Kogen
Hakuba - Myoko Kogen
Nozawa Onsen - Shiga Kogen
Nozawa Onsen - Myoko Kogen
Shiga Kogen - Myoko Kogen
Up to 10 people
11-20 people
21+ people
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Terms and Conditons
The Nagano Snow Shuttle Service is owned and operated by JHN Travel Ltd
Hokujo 2587-1, Hakuba Mura,
Nagano Pref, JAPAN 399-9301
tel: +81-(0)261-75-5360
fax: +81-(0)261-75-5360
Ministry of Land, Infrastructure and Transport
Registered Travel Agency Licence No. 2-476